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Prepare Your Houseplants for Spring

Spring is the start of growing season. Follow these tips to optimize growth and watch your plants thrive! 

Ready to Repot?

Has your plant stopped growing new leaves? Are roots growing through the drainage holes? Has your plant been in the same pot for over a year? If you answered yes to any of the questions, it might be time to repot your plant. And spring is the best time to do it. Repotting doesn't always mean graduating to a larger pot, but providing new soil with fresh nutrients to support your plant through growing season. 

Adjust Sunlight 

During the winter months, plants have less daylight hours to soak up available light. Spring brings us longer days and stronger rays. You may need to move your plants away from the windows to diffuse the light. Every plant has different light requirements that can directly impact their health. Indirect vs. direct, low and medium light, partial sun...there's a lot of lighting terminology. Learn more about light conditions here

Spring Cleaning

Even plants deserve some self care! Pluck wilted leaves, collect fallen leaves, and remove dust from surface of each leaf. 


Experts recommend fertilizing houseplants 8 weeks before the last expected frost. Now that will vary based on your location, but timing does not have to be exact for your plants to feel the benefits of fertilizer. Orana Home is based in NYC, so we're fertilize our plants in March. Once you start fertilizing for spring, the frequency will vary depending on the type of fertilizer you're using. Follow product instructions for the most accurate information! Remember, any plants that have been repotted or received fresh soil will not need additional fertilizer. 


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