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How to Propagate a Trailing Plant

Propagation is the process of reproducing plants from a single parent plant (and it’s a lot easier than you think!).

As your plant wall grows, the root section of the plant will begin to thin out as the plant transfers most of its energy into new growth.

Adding new cuttings to your existing plant is the best way to add density to a mature plant and pothos are one of the easiest plants to propagate.

You can expect to see roots taking shape in 1-2 weeks! 


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1. Select a section of your plant to cut, then count 3-5 leaves from the newest leaf and cut below the leaf's node. The node is where the stem and leaf diverge. 


2. Remove the leaf closest to the cut and place the stem into water. 


3. Leave the propagation in a bright, sunny spot and change the water weekly.


4. Roots will begin to grow in 1-2 weeks. Once the root is about 2 inches long you can repot into soil. 


5. To repot, simply create a small hole in the soil, add the cutting, and cover the root with soil. 


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